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NanoBio is developing

intranasal vaccines

based on our proprietary

nanoemulsion technology

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We are committed to

improving people's health

through bringing

safe and effective vaccines

to market

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Our technology deploys

nano-scale droplets

to deliver and adjuvant

vaccine antigens

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Our scientists are

studying how intranasal

vaccines can offer

greater protection

against respiratory &

sexually transmitted


  Recent News:  
NanoBio's Chlamydia Vaccine Improves Clearance of Bacteria and Prevents Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Mice
NanoBio's Intranasal Vaccine for HSV-2 Demonstrates Efficacy in Both the Prophylactic & Therapeutic Guinea Pig Model
Merck Licenses NanoBio's Intranasal Vaccine Technology for RSV and Seasonal Influenza
NanoBio Awarded up to $10M in NIH Funding to Develop A Vaccine Adjuvant for Pandemic Influenza
  NanoBio and the U.K. Health Protection Agency Awarded Up to $24 Million in NIH Funding to Develop an Intranasal Anthrax Vaccine  


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